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Local SEO

Today, over 70% of all searches conducted online are geared towards finding local products or local service providers. This is a huge vein full of potential sales and new customers. Coincidentally, local businesses such as dentists, plumbers, builders, and electricians also derive over 70% of their sales and revenue from local customers as well.

For example, someone looking for a dentist in San Fernando is going to key in ‘San Fernando dentist’ on their computer or phone when searching online. If your business is not optimized to tap into such local searches, you are losing out on a lot of sales.

And this is where Local SEO comes in. Local SEO is all about local search engine optimization. Put simply, this is where we make sure that your business and your website are optimized to access all the local searches related to your niche market.
We accomplish this through different ways. The first is keyword research. Keyword research is a pillar of any SEO work. Here we research keywords that are most searched in your niche market. We then infuse these keywords into your web content and blogs in order to pull traffic from Google and other search sites. We also develop great content for your site so that all the people who click on it can get the information they need and hopefully make a purchase. We also create credible backlinks that redirect traffic and sales to your site. More than that, backlinks are a great way to push your website to page one of Google, thanks to Google search algorithms such as Panda and Penguin.
In all, Local SEO will make a huge difference to your website traffic, sales, Google search positioning, and your brand exposure as well.

Local SEO is a MUST-HAVE!

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National SEO

National SEO is the other piece of the puzzle needed (after Local SEO) in order to complete your website optimization. Unlike Local SEO that only targets searches and customers confined to only one geographical area, National SEO seeks to put your brand or company on the national map. It’s the perfect move for any business looking to source clients from more than just their local town or city.

National SEO accounts for about 30% of all web searches carried out online. It’s an especially vital tool for certain types of businesses with national reach, e.g. construction companies, hotels, vacation rentals, schools, electronics suppliers, etc. Through National SEO, your website and your business can get the exposure it needs to stand shoulder to shoulder with other nationally-recognized brands. Of course, this will not happen overnight. But you will get there eventually.

So how do we make it happen? We use keyword research tools to find out what people looking for products or services such as yours usually key into their search tabs. We then apply these keywords into your content, your website, as well as backlinks. We also study Google Analytics data to see where your web visitors and online sales are coming from. Using keyword data, we optimize your search visibility in the different states where you want to be seen.
We also use other tools such as map optimization, content marketing, competitor analysis, social media marketing, social media advertising, and more. And of course, we also apply paid advertising through Google Ads and retargeting campaigns.
Through all these efforts, we are able to push your site higher up on Google search results and funnel national sales and traffic into it. This means national-wide recognition and even greater brand awareness for your business.

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Social Media

Social media today is not just about linking people together, chatting or sharing photos online. It also happens to be one of the most powerful tools you can have for driving your business visibility and sales. Considering just how many people have social media accounts, and how often they’re logged onto these sites, social media is a huge marketing platform. And we can use that platform to launch your business into the stratosphere.

First, we create social media profiles for your business or revamp your old ones. We then use high definition pictures and videos, as well as great, catchy content to ensure that your profiles are inviting and befitting of the brand image you want to create. We then manage these pages for you in order to keep them active and interactive with your audience. The more active and interactive your social media pages are – the more they’ll grow. But that is just the basics.

As you may have noticed, social media pages today do appear in search results. Through keyword infusion, we’ll add to your social media profiles, content that reflects in search pages such as Google. By doing this, we will effectively create another avenue, apart from your website, for your business to be seen, to receive more traffic, and to enjoy more sales/subscriptions.

Next, we’ll kick your social media content a notch higher and utilize viral content marketing to get your brand seen nationally. This is where we create posts, photos, videos, GIFs, and even memes that capture people’s attention and get them sharing it over and over – up to millions of times!

And lastly, we can apply targeted social media advertising to get your target customers to visit your social medial profiles and website where they can subscribe or buy your products.

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SEO company San Diego

There are a lot of companies today marketing themselves as SEO specialists but have nothing substantial to offer. At Team Soda there’s only one thing which really matters to us – results! Yes we understand all the intricacies of SEO such as keyword research, link-building, Local SEO, National SEO, competitor analysis, Google Analytics, Google Algorithms, and lots more. But we know that you don’t really care about these. You just want results!
You want to see your website progress upwards and start to rank higher on Google. You want your site to start receiving more clicks and more organic traffic. You want your links to reach target users who will actually buy and not just view your website. You want sales! You want a social media presence that speaks volumes about your brand.
Yes, at Team Soda, we know exactly what you want. And guess what, that’s exactly what we want too! So although we know all the science behind SEO, we will stick to showing you what we can do for you. We are a San Diego SEO company that can deliver! And once you start working with us you’ll start to see that promise come true.
Whether you want local SEO for your small business or National SEO for your large enterprise, we can accommodate you. We’ll work with your budget and whatever niche you’re in to make you flourish.

5 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring An SEO Company

Like many other business owners, you are probably out here looking for an SEO company that will turn your business around. Granted, SEO is a vital tool for any business today. The internet is the new real estate as far as eCommerce is concerned. And SEO is the property developer who decides whether your business will be on the corner where all the traffic is rife or at the back alley where no one even knows you exist. But before you sign up with any SEO company, take note of these 5 things first.

  1. How does their website fair?

A lot of work that goes into SEO revolves around the website. It’s all about making your website rank higher on Google, adding more credible links to your site, developing your site and branding in it a way that impresses your customers, making your site easy to navigate and more responsive across various devices, etc. So before you can hand your site over to an SEO company, check how well their site illustrates these qualities. After all, their website is the best example of their work. If the company has done a good job on their site, surely they can do the same for you. But if they haven’t then how will they deliver when it comes to you?


  1. Have they worked in a niche similar to yours before?

Different businesses cater to different markets. And nowadays, different eCommerce businesses cater to specific niches. In SEO, these niches are very important because the goal is to identify them and conquer them in regards to visibility and ranking. That said, find out if the SEO company in question has worked on a niche similar to yours before. If they have, the experience will make them even better placed to handle your site. That’s because they will know about the keywords used in that niche, the level of competition in that niche and how to defeat it, as well as the target market in that niche.


  1. Are they going to offer you results timelines?

Once you sign up with an SEO company, what follows is a gradual process of overhauling your entire site and its deep inner workings. Note that the word used here is “process”. That’s because it takes time for your site to start enjoying the results of SEO. It doesn’t happen overnight. However, your SEO company should still provide you with a timeline of expected results, from the site development to content development, website traffic, and eventually Google search ranking. This timeline will be your yardstick and you’ll use it to gauge the company’s performance as time goes. Without it, you won’t have an idea of what to expect.

San Diego SEO Expert

  1. What exactly are you getting from their SEO package?

Another thing you should know before hiring an SEO company is the exact contents of their ‘SEO Package’. As a client it’s only fair that you know what services you’re signing up for. This will allow you to compare different providers and gauge which SEO company is offering you the best deal. For example, some companies will only rework your website and optimize it for searches. Others will develop your website and add content to it. Some may also manage your social media presence. Find out exactly what services are being offered first.


  1. What other brands have they helped prior to this?

And of course, the true litmus test for an SEO company is the websites they have successfully worked on in the past. Just like a business providing references; and SEO company can provide you with examples of past websites they have worked on as proof of their capabilities. That way, you can check these sites to see if they possess the same things the provider is offering. You could even contact the website owners and ask for a testimonial.


Being an old guy, I hadn’t caught on to this online business at all. But my business wasn’t doing so well. So my niece hooked me up with these guys and they did their thing. It felt like I was throwing money away at the time but my niece seemed pretty confident. They created a new website, social media pages, and what not. And sure enough, business is booming now. The best thing about it all is that they run it all on my behalf so I’m free to just do what I know best - sell.

– Mike

We run an online blog/magazine and we wanted to get more traffic on our site. We have really great content and we wanted more people to see it. We were referred to Team Soda by a friend and after a few consultation meetings we decided to go with them. It’s been a great journey so far and we’re still working with Team Soda. We see our web traffic increasing every week. We have more comments on the site and our social media is blowing up too. Even the payouts from our Google Ads are now bigger due to increased click-throughs.

– Lia

These guys helped bring my affiliate niche website alive within a matter of weeks. It’s the best thing I could have done for my site. All I can say is that they really know what they are doing. They are also very professional in their approach. They really took the time to understand what it is that my website does. Then they did an audit and started to correct all the mistakes I had made on my site. I had no idea they were so many; I thought my site was perfect. Anyway, now I’m earning serious passive income from home. In fact, I’m already working on my next site!

– Alicia

Team Soda helped put my small business on the national stage and now we are a huge brand. I would never have believed that this type of results were possible unless through the traditional marketing techniques. But I can now see that online marketing and SEO is the way to go. It’s actually cheaper but it delivers results. They told me to go for National SEO because my products could sell anywhere. I have now employed more people, the sales are great, and I couldn’t be happier.

– Peter

Team Soda helped my small electrical contractor company in a huge way. I must admit; I wasn’t sure if SEO was all that it was hyped to be. But I decided to invest in it anyway. I compared a few providers in San Diego and Team Soda caught my eye due to their direct and realistic approach. They did Local SEO on my business and now I get calls and walk-in visitors all the time. I still can’t believe it. It’s amazing! Everyone should be doing the same.

– Marina

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